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Monday, May 17, 2010

Clinical Chemistry Exam/Review Questions for Proteins- ANSWERS

Clinical Chemistry Exam/Review Questions for Proteins
Exam/Review Questions for Protein

1. Albumin - The stabilizing protein.
2. Globulin - The precipitating protein.
3. 3.5 to 5.1 g/L Normal Value for Albumin.
4. 6.8 to 8.4 g/L Normal value for total protein.
5. 2.3 to 3.2 g/L Normal value for globulin.

Normal values vary slightly from one method to another.

Discuss comprehensively but concisely:

1. How to derive globulin values.

Compute for your globulin values by subtracting your albumin values from your total protein.

Clinical Chemistry Exam/Review for Blood

1.The machine that measures light absorbed and transmitted as an index of unknown concentration:_____________________
2. The spectrophotometer has to be warmed up for how many minutes?:
3. The range of visible light is: __________________
4.__________________________________________ The supernatant fluid obtained after anti-coagulated blood has been centrifuged.
5.__________________________________________The supernatant fluid obtained after clotted blood has been centrifuged.
6.__________________________________________ Component of blood in which fibrinogen is NOT present.
7.__________________________________________Most common site of venous blood collection.
8.__________________________________________ The most ideal anti-coagulant for blood because it is naturally present in the body.
9.__________________________________________ Procedure in which blood is obtained through the puncture of a vein.
10.__________________________________________ Name of formula for pH.
11.__________________________________________ Transcribe uL
12.__________________________________________ It is the time required for the concentration of the drug to go back to half of its original concentration. 13.__________________________________________ Law that states that the concentration of a solution is directly proportional to the light absorbed and inversely proportional to light transmitted.
14.__________________________________________ Synonym for analytical cell.
15.__________________________________________ Transcribe mg/dL.
16.__________________________________________ Transcribe I.U.
17.__________________________________________ Transcribe mEq/L
18.__________________________________________ Ideal fasting hours for CC determinations.
19._________________________________________ Transcribe mmol/L.
20. _________________________________________ Formula for ration of standard to unknown.


1. Spectrophotometer
2. 10 to 15 minutes
3. 360 to 800 nanometers
4. Plasma
5. Serum
6. Serum
7. Antecubital fossa
8. Heparin
9. Venipuncture/phlebotomy
10. Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation
11. microliters
12. Half-life
13. Beer-Lambert's Law
14. cell, absorption cell, cuvette, cuvete,
15. milligrams per deciliter
16. International Units
17. milliequivalent per liter
18. 8 to 14 hours
19. millimoles per liter
20. Cu = Au X Cs/ As
Where Cu - Concentration of Unknown
Au- Absorbance of Unknown
Cs- Concentration of Standard
As- Absorption of Standard

Clinical Chemistry Exam/Review Questions for Proteins

Exam/Review Questions for Protein

1. ____________________________ The stabilizing protein.
2._____________________________ The precipitating protein.
3._____________________________ Normal Value for Albumin.
4._____________________________ Normal value for total protein.
5._____________________________ Normal value for globulin.

Discuss comprehensively but concisely:

1. How to derive globulin values.